IRCs and STHFs

People can be detained in different facilities across the UK. These facilities encompass Immigration Removal Centers (IRCs) that hold individuals indefinitly and residential short-term holding facilities(RSTHFs) where detentions last up to seven days. It's important to note that non-residential Short-Term Holding Facilities (STHFs) also exist, accommodating detentions up to 24 hours, and comprise areas like holding rooms within ports, airports, and even police cells.

Within the UK, there are six detention centers along with three residential STHFs located at key points such as Manchester Airport, Swinderby (Lincoln), and Larne in Belfast. Notably, a portion of Colnbrook operates as an STHF, although it isn't officially designated as an RSTHF.

A significant development occurred in 2017 when a segment of Tinsley House at Gatwick was transformed into 'pre-departure accommodation,' catering to families with children. This initiative replaced the previous use of the Cedars facility for the same purpose.

Recently, in 2023, a new facility named 'Residential Holding Rooms' (RHR) was introduced following The Short-Term Holding Facility Rules 2022. Functioning as a short-term holding facility, individuals can be detained for up to 96 hours, extendable with authorization from the Secretary of State. A notable example is the Manston STHF/RHR.

Moreover, the UK allocates around 1000 bed spaces in powers prisons to detain individuals under immigration acts. This includes an average of 500 people classified as 'Immigration Detainees' within prisons.