AVID Detention Handbook

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Are you supporting someone held in immigration detention, or want to know more about detention in the UK?

Whether you are a new visitor, an experienced visitor, an organisation working on detention issues, or simply want access to the latest, accurate information in an easily accessible format then the AVID Handbook for Visitors is for you.

Packed with information on visiting skills, along with technical and practical information, the Handbook is a vital resource for anyone who wants to know more about immigration detention in the UK.

Completely revised and updated, this edition is significantly expanded, and for the first time will be available as an e-book as well as in print. It is jam-packed with resources, guidance, information, tips and tools, in a user friendly format.

It is the only publication of its kind and will be of interest to anyone who wants to know more about immigration detention in the UK.

From what to expect when entering an immigration detention centre, how to start those initial conversations, how to support vulnerable people in detention, legal supports, detention law and policy, getting out of detention, and removal and deportation, this will be an indispensable tool for anyone interested in supporting people in or at risk of detention.

Print copies: prices start at £9 per copy for AVID member groups and volunteer visitors. Non-member individuals £12.50, small organisations £15, large organisations £25. Postage will be added on ordering.

A large organisation is defined as a national organisation, with either more than one branch, or more than ten staff.

*Please note that we are currently unable to distribute Print copies at the moment.  


Ebook copies: £8 each. You can purchase an e-copy here

If you are ordering print copies in large numbers, or if you would like to collect in person to avoid postage costs, please email enquiries@aviddetention.org.uk