How to Become a Volunteer Visitor

If you are interested in visiting someone in immigration detention, please read the associated pages carefully. Visiting is a rewarding, but emotionally demanding role

There are detention facilities across the country, check the map to find the contact details for your nearest group. AVID member groups have their own recruitment processes, and you should contact them directly to find out more. 

Interested in visiting, but no group near you? 

It may be that you do not live near an immigration detention facility. However, many people are held under Immigration Act powers in prisons.  AVID is keen to hear from anyone who is interested in helping to set up a group to visit detainees at prisons in their area and will support you to do so. Please contact us for more information

Don't feel that visiting is for you, but want to help? 

There are plenty of other ways to help if you feel that you are unable to visit. You can help with a campaign, raise awareness of detention, or make a donation. Visit the 'Get Involved' section or see our links pages for other ways to create change.