What is visiting?


What is visiting?

Visitors are volunteers who visit immigration detainees - wherever they are held - to provide support, practical advice and friendship. Over 650 people across the UK volunteer each week to visit people being held in detention.

Why visit people held in detention?

Immigration detainees often feel vulnerable, isolated and frightened. Some may have only recently arrived in the country, will not have any friends or family in the UK, and may speak little or no English. Others may have lived here for many years.

Whatever their situation, the experience of being held in detention can be traumatic. The support of a volunteer visitor can make a huge difference. 

Frequently a visitor will be the only person a detainee sees who is not an official, and so can often become a lifeline - there to listen and care, and help reduce the isolation they face.

“I am proud of what you have been doing for me. For all the times you visited me, for all the times you listened to me. For the time you saw me cry. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Detainee visited by Friends without Borders (formerly Haslar Visitors Group)