Skills Share Event - August 2019

Skills Share for Volunteer Visitors and Group Coordinators!

Improving Visitor Wellbeing and Coping Mechanisms / Wednesday 21st August 18.00-19.45

Visitors to people in detention are doing incredibly important but difficult work and, at different points during their visiting journey, are likely to encounter negative emotions as a result. 

Whilst some aspects of the visiting may become easier with time (as a visitor learns how to navigate situations or familiarise themselves with the detention environment), no visit or relationship can be the same, and no volunteer is immune to feeling exhausted, frustrated, angry, inadequate or any one of a whole range of emotions as a result of their visits.

To help visitor group coordinators better understand how to support those visiting, and provide visitors with the opportunity to shape their experience by sharing what works and what doesn’t, AVID will be running a joint Skills Share on Wednesday 21st August at 18.00-19.45 at our office on Mare Street.  At this particular Skills Share, we welcome coordinators and visitors from groups across the UK to attend so as to share thoughts and ideas on the subject of Improving Visitor Wellbeing and Coping Mechanisms. 

As always, we’d like you to determine the direction of the Skills Share, using your experiences to inform the session. If anyone (Coordinator or Volunteer) would like to take a lead in any of the group discussions (we will be splitting off into small groups in order to discuss the topic before feeding-back), please do contact Amy or Gee via

There will be limited space so please RSVP via email to 

Event Date: 
Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 18:00 to 19:45