Detention Monitoring Group

Monthly meeting for those working in and on detention 

AVID chairs the monthly Detention Monitoring Group, a meeting of civil society organisations (visitors groups, detention NGOs, and others working in or on detention issues). 

Meetings take place usually on the second Tuesday of every month, in central London. They provide a space for groups to share common experiences of working in detention centres and supporting people in detention. We work together to gather evidence on the realities of life in detention. Common concerns, issues and solutions are explored. Guest speakers and workshops help us stay up to date the latest developments in detention policy and practice. Recent guest speakers have included Public Law Project, Immigration Law Practitioners Association, and Hibiscus Initiatives, exploring topics like legal advice in detention, healthcare, and access to detention centres. 

Meetings are open to anyone working in support of people in detention, and all are welcome. You may wish to read the terms of reference for the group before coming along. Please contact for more information or to find out more about the group.