PQs - September 2015

21st September 2015: HL 1906 (Detained Fast Track)

Lord Roberts of Llandudno (Lib Dem) asked, in light of the DFT ruling, what steps were being taken to ensure asylum claims were being processed quickly and efficiently. Lord Bates replied that DFT is temporarily suspended and will resume when the Minister is satisfied that revised structures and safeguards are in place.


18th September 2015: HC 8909 (Deportation)

David Davies (Con, Monmouth) asked how many people had been forcibly removed from the UK in the last three years. James Brokenshire broke the information down into a table format which can be accessed at the link above. The figures don't include voluntary departures,  only forced removals. 


18th September 2015: HC 10142 (Mental Health) 

Louise Haigh (Labour, Sheffield, Heeley) asked what estimate has been made of the number of people detained with a mental health need to the year end June 2015. James Brokenshire replied that this information is not recorded centrally and would require the examination of individual records at disproportionate cost. 


18th September 2015: HC10105 (Detained Fast Track) 

Louise Haigh (Labour, Sheffield, Heeley) asked what recent assessment has been made of the adequacy of safeguards within the DFT to protect vulnerable applicants. James Brokenshire replied that  following the suspension of the DFT the whole system is being reviewed. This work will be informed by the findings of the Shaw Review. 

18th September 2015: HL 1938 (Audit procedures/transfer of medical records)

Lord Ramsbotham (Crossbench) asked what audit procedures are performed across the immigration detention estate to ensure that the requirements of Detention Services Order 13/2012 regarding the transfer of medical records when transferring detainees between detention centres, or removing them under escort, are carried out. Lord Bates replied that 'self audit' is used to ensure compliance with the Detention Centre Rules, and that since 1 Sep 2014 the transfer of medical records is the responsibilty of service providers commissioned by NHS England and this includes an annual audit. The first annual audits have not yet taken place. 

18th September 2015: HC 8940 (Dungavel IRC)

Stuart McDonald (SNP, Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East) asked the cost of detaining someone in Dungavel IRC. James Brokenshire replied that to release the costs of detention in Dungavel would be commercially sensitive, but that the national average cost per day of detaining someone is £91.61. 

10th September: Backbench business, Immigration Detention

The text of the debate on immigration detention is in the link above. 

10th September 2015: HC 8752 and 8753 (Dungavel IRC) 

Stuart McDonald (SNP, Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East) asked the how many people of each nationlity are detained in Dungavel IRC. James Brokenshire responded with a table - giving snapshot figures as at end June 2015. Click the link above to access the table. Two Syrians were in detention at that time. Stuart McDonald then asked how many of these detainees had been held for a) three b) six and c) twelve months. The answer came in the form of another table, available here

10th September 2015: HC 8748 (Dungavel IRC) 

Stuart McDonald (SNP, Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East) asked how many people are employed at Dungavel and what are their roles and grades. James Brokenshire replied that staff were employed by both GEO Group and the Home Office but further detail could not be provided for security reasons.