Specialist Support

Accessing specialist support in detention 

Detention is not easy for anyone. If you are in detention and would like the support of a volunteer visitor, get in touch with any of the visitors groups on this website, or with AVID directly. 

Here you will find some information about useful support organisations that may be able to help you in detention. 

Anti Traficking and Labor Exploitation Unit(ATLEU) support for people who have been trafficked (Contact 020 7700 7311 / referrals@atleu.org.uk to make a referral). ATLEU team also has capacity to advise survivors of trafficking who wish to challenge a refusal of NRM accommodation and support.

Freedom From Torture support for survivors of torture 

Red Cross Family Tracing Service international family tracing including for those in detention 

Refugee Council Age Dispute team help for those in detention whose age is disputed

UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group support for LGBTI detainees. Helpline available Monday to Friday during office hours: 020 7922 7811