AVID has three staff members, supported by a Board of Trustees and office volunteers. Find out more about us here. 



Ali McGinley, Director

Ali has been Director of AVID since 2009, steering the charity through its development and growth. Ali leads on AVID’s policy work -  pushing for fundamental reform, particularly in relation to vulnerable people -  and maintaining access for volunteers to places of detention.

Ali is a founding member of the Detention Forum , a coalition working to challenge immigration detention in the UK, and is part of their Coordination Group, providing policy input. She is Chair of the Detention Monitoring Group, a regular meeting for all those working in and on detention issues.

Ali has worked in the voluntary sector for over 18 years, with a focus on community based approaches to social justice and human rights.  Prior to joining AVID, Ali was International Projects Advisor at Amnesty International, building the capacity of small and developing Amnesty sections across Asia-Pacific and in Russia. She also worked with refugee and asylum seeking communities in Glasgow.


Gee Manoharan, Training and Membership Coordinator 

Gee is AVID's Training and Membership Coordinator, with a responsibility for providing and coordinating training, support and information to our membership; making visitors groups more sustainable; and raising awareness of the impact of volunteer visiting on people in detention.  

Gee joined the organisation in 2016. He has a strong background in voluntary sector development and community-based approaches, gained both in Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland. He was a founding member of the Larne House Visitors Group which supports those detained in Larne, outside Belfast.

He has first-hand experience of detention in Colnbrook IRC and Larne House STHF. Following his release he became a visitor to people held in detention.In his role, he brings a full spectrum of experiences as a survivor of detention and also the experience of visiting. 



Board of Trustees

Andrew Wilson, Chair 

Andrew worked as a veterinary surgeon in Nottingham until his retirement, when he became involved in working with refugees and asylum seekers as a lay minister specialising in community ministry. As a volunteer and trustee with two local charities, he soon became aware of the injustices surrounding immigration detention, so when Morton Hall IRC opened in 2011, he became a visitor with Morton Hall Detainee Visitors Group. He seeks to contribute to the wider work done by AVID, which is essential not only to support visitors groups, but also in improving the lot of those detained without trial in a system which is fundamentally unjust.


Jane Ryan, Secretary

Jane is Secretary of the Board of Trustees. She is a solicitor at Bhatt Murphy Solicitors and has a background in prison law. Her current practice includes immigration detention and prison law. Jane joined the AVID board in February 2012 and is keen to learn more about the real experiences of detention. She joined AVID to support the work of AVID’s member groups, which she sees as increasingly important as the detention estate continues to expand.




Jennifer Choi, Trustee

Jennifer joined the AVID Board of Trustees in 2016. Her professional background is a dispute resolution lawyer, with experience in private practice and in-house in the financial services industry. Jennifer has spent time at Liberty where she visited people at various detention centres, through which she became aware of the some of the realities of immigration detention. By supporting AVID’s work, she seeks to raise awareness of the conditions and challenges faced by people held in immigration detention and hopes to offer some support in their lives.



Ciaran Price, Trustee

Ciaran has worked on migrant and refugee issues in Ireland, the UK and East Africa, and has a keen interest in charity policy. He has an MA in Public Administration and Public Policy from the University of York and a background in international relations. He is the communications officer for Migrants Resource Centre, where he is involved in promoting the voice of migrants, refugees and detainees on the issues that affect them. Ciaran joined AVID's Board of Trustees in 2016 from a desire to see immigration detention ended. He was moved to join AVID because it plays such an important role, bridging the gap between communities and those in detention, with the expertise to create change at the highest level and the passion and anger needed to never give up. 



Elizabeth Flint, Trustee

Beth joined the AVID Board of Trustees in January 2018. She is an Expert Witness in trafficking and modern slavery and an experienced practitioner in providing frontline support, advocacy, advice and guidance to victims of trafficking and modern slavery, refugees and asylum seekers and to practitioners and services supporting the same. She also has expertise in working with survivors of torture and gender based violence. Beth joined AVID to support the work of AVID’s member groups. She has experience of visiting and assessing detainees in detention through her work and can relate to some of the many challenges experienced by volunteer visitors. She hopes to help volunteers to better identify some of the many barriers to disclosure experienced by detainees and to help volunteers better support                                                                     their complex needs.


Michael Darko, Trustee

Michael Joined the AVID Board of Trustees October 2018. He is an active member and a co-facilitator of Freed Voices, a group of experts-by-experience committed to speaking out about the realities of immigration detention in the UK and calling for reform. Between them, they have lost over 20 years to detention in this country. As a group with a strong and authentic voice demanding detention reform, Freed Voices has a significant positive impact on how immigration detention is talked about and has managed to attract an increased sense of political urgency for reform, building momentum for change.

He has first-hand experience of detention in Morton Hall and Brook House. He was trained by the Samaritans as a listener/peer support whilst in detention providing vital help and emotional support to people in detention. Following his release, he became a visitor to people in detention and a staunch campaigner. He joined AVID to support the work of AVID’s members groups and brings a diverse experience as a survivor of detention, a campaigner and the experience of visiting.

Carolina Albuerne, Trustee